There are so many remarkable women in our community, and tonight you’re going to meet one of our four remarkable women finalists who has dedicated her life to helping those who have served our country. 

A single principle is how the local organization Embracing our Veterans began. 

“There should not be a veteran that doesn’t have a place to lay their head,” said Tina Schiefelbein, Remarkable Woman finalist. “We transition veterans from being homeless to having a warm bed and a roof over their head.”

In 2009 Tina Schiefelbein, a full-time hearing specialist, mother, and wife, started helping veterans who didn’t meet the criteria to qualify for services through the VA, but still needed a helping hand. 

“We have to help our veterans coming home. They’re programmed one way while they are in the service, but I believe when they come out, I believe some of them are not reprogrammed to come back home,” Schiefelbein went on to say.

Schiefelbein quickly realized there was a much bigger need in our community than she ever imagined. That’s when the nonprofit, Embracing Our Veterans, was formed. 

“Things that are very simple for you, and I become very difficult for them. Accepting help is one of them. Some of them don’t want help.  A lot of our veterans, some of them would rather be homeless so it is a very big task at hand to help transition them,” she explained.

Over the years, Schiefelbein has literally helped hundreds of veterans and their families get back on their feet.

“Honestly, I think I get more out of her than some of the veterans do. You know just to see that when I go home and I sit and I eat dinner, or I go home, and I lay in my bed with a pillow, knowing that our veterans are doing the same,” she said through tears.

But this remarkable woman doesn’t want credit or recognition for her work.

“It makes me know that I am doing the right thing,” she declared.

Embracing Our Veterans is always in need of volunteers and donations. You can learn more on their Facebook page