Mary Hoffman is a life long proponent of lending a helping hand. Her penchant for giving is an echo of her mother’s advice which continues to this day.

She is another finalist in our Remarkable Women series.

Former special education teacher for the Millcreek School District Mary Hoffman said that she learned to give back to the community from a young age.

Hoffman said that her mother set an example by helping people when she could.

“You know honey, you should if you could and those words. I can here them to this day,” said Mary Hoffman, Remarkable Woman.

Hoffman said that her mother’s advice continues to drive her to help others.

“Just live a life of gratitude for the blessings in your life to share with others that maybe aren’t as blessed and maybe their blessing is different than mine,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman has persevered during the pandemic while continuing her mother’s work with special needs students in school plays.

“We’re actually Zooming our night school class with adult people with special needs and it’s beautiful. So I continue to teach,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman also facilitates the overflow shelter for the homeless. She stays consistent about things she is passionate about remaining highly involved with her alma matter St. Benedict Academy and receiving the Romero Award from Mercyhurst.