Remembering 9/11: Local residents reflect on the fateful day

Remembering 9/11

As we approach the 20th anniversary of September 11th, we share with you the memories and lessons people have from that fateful day from watching the towers collapse live on television, to the emotional lasting impact.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, Shani Bills was on vacation at Peek N’ Peak. She remembers waking up and turning on the television and thinking it was just a terrible accident.

“Then it just slowly became very apparent once the second plane hit that it was not an accident absolutely,” said Shani Bills, Erie Resident.

Bills said that at first she was riveted by the images on her tv screen.

“As we were driving home, we ended up leaving Peek N’ Peak right around when the plane hit the ground in Shanksville, and that is the first time I remember thinking I was actually afraid,” said Shani Bills, Erie Resident.

Adam Gockowski was in sixth grade that morning. He remembers listening to it on the radio at school.

“We really didn’t know what the trade centers were because we are not in New York City, but we knew something wrong was happening,” said Adam Gockowski, Erie Resident.

Lisa Dinger was a first grade school teacher at the time.

“I remember my principal coming by and asking me not to turn on the TV, to not let the little kids see anything of what is going on. I really didn’t know what was going on at that time,” said Lisa Dinger, Erie Resident.

Mary Cobb grew up in Chautauqua County, but lived in New York for a number of years. She had a view of the towers right by her home.

“The devastation of it was overwhelming to me when I think of it going down that quickly and the devastation to peoples lives,” said Mary Cobb, Grew Up in Chautauqua County.

Dale Peters said that the attacks are a lesson learned showing how vulnerable our country was and is.

“The United States you always are thinking that we are pretty well protected here in the United States that nothing can get to us, but that proved it wrong,” said Dale Peters, Fairview Resident.

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