The retailer just launched its annual slate of spooky-themed candles, soaps, scents and more

Though you may still be lounging around the pool in your swimsuit, Bath & Body Works is already in full Halloween mode. Each year, the retailer best known for its scented candles and lotions unleashes a fresh slate of spooky-themed merchandise, which brand loyalists are quick to snatch up even before the weather turns cold. This year’s lineup, which launched on July 24, 2023, is looking like the brand’s best iteration yet — and it’s already flying off shelves faster than a bat out of hell. 

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Best uses for the Bath & Body Works Halloween Collection

Since the most popular items in this collection sell out quickly, if you see something you like, it’s wise to stock up. Throughout fall, you can fill your home with the brand’s three-wick candles, which are available in a number of new spooky-inspired scents and decked out in festive containers for a limited time. Better yet, place them on top of the Bath & Body Works Halloween Collection candle holders, which are perfectly sized for the brand’s three-wick candles and come in a variety of creepy designs. 

If you’re having a Halloween party, impress your house guests by going the extra mile and placing a sinister-themed hand soap and hand lotion in your powder room. You can even pop the soap in a skeleton hand-shaped hand soap holder while you’re at it. The soaps and lotions, as well as other low-end products like shower gels, hand sanitizers, and body sprays, also make great prizes for Halloween party games.

Why Bath & Body Works’ Halloween Collection is unique

For most of the year, the shelves and display cases at Bath & Body Works are stocked with scented home products such as candles, hand sanitizer and room spray, as well as scented body products, including body lotion, hand soap, shower gels and body sprays. However, when Halloween season rolls around (or, rather, well before it officially does) the retailer also offers an exciting array of home decorations, which are themed to match the spooky holiday. 

Some of the fan-favorite Halloween products include three-wick candle holders, which come in a variety of creepy forms, and soap holders, which are made to take the brand’s Halloween-themed foaming hand soap containers to the next level. 

Best products from the Bath & Body Works Halloween Collection

a purple candle

Ghoul Friend Three-Wick Candle

This three-wick candle looks as spookily delightful as it smells. The bright and fruity scent features notes of dark strawberries, ghostly peony and spine-chilling citrus. It’s packaged in an artfully decorated clear canister that shows off the purple wax. 

Sold by Bath & Body Works

lotion in a black tube

Midnight Spell Ultimate Hydration Body Cream

Relieve dry skin with this rich body lotion packed with natural essential oils, vitamin E, aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid. The scent, which is new for 2023, smells like mystic air, moonlit woods and crystal amber.

Sold by Bath & Body Works

hand soap in a black pump container with a spider on it

Wicked Vanilla Woods Gentle & Clean Foaming Hand Soap

Notes of magical vanilla, glowing amberwood and enchanted pink pepper bring a haunting scent to your bathroom with this foaming hand soap housed in a container. The nourishing foam is loaded with natural essential oils, vitamin E, shea extract and aloe.

Sold by Bath & Body Works

a black candle

Midnight Spell Three-Wick Candle

Lift this three-wick candle’s charming snakelike gold lid, and you’ll find a black-as-night-colored wax that wafts of mystic air, moonlit woods and crystal amber. It’s made with natural essential oils and burns for 24-45 hours. 

Sold by Bath & Body Works

lotion in some kind of spray can with red roses on it

Vampire Blood Shimmer Fizz Body Lotion

Equal parts fruity, floral and frightful, this shimmering body lotion leaves your skin feeling soft with a hint of visible sparkle. The delicious scent has notes of red berries, night-blooming jasmine and plum.

Sold by Bath & Body Works

a candle holder that looks like a hand holding a crystal ball with a little plate on top for the candle

Fortune Teller Waterglobe Candle Holder

Made to look like a fortune teller’s bejeweled hand, this decorative candle holder also features a color-changing and glowing crystal ball. It’s the perfect addition to your home’s spooky display. 

Sold by Bath & Body Works

shower gel in a decorative red plastic bottle

Everlasting Magic Shower Gel

With the scent of berries and musk, one squirt of this body wash will fill your shower with the smell of an enchanted garden. The gentle cleanser is infused with vitamin E and aloe, and it has a light and bubbly lather. 

Sold by Bath & Body Works

a gold-colored candle holder that looks like an old goblet with blood dripping out of the top. The cup has a skeleton on it.

Chalice Three-Wick Candle Holder

Measuring just over seven inches tall, this striking candle holder takes the form of an ornate gold chalice that’s overflowing with red wine — or blood. 

Sold by Bath & Body Works

a circular car fragrance holder with a skeleton head sticking out of it, which is wearing a crown

Skull Crown Car Fragrance Holder

If you’ve never decorated your car for Halloween, here’s your signal to start. This fragrance holder, which attaches to your visor, seat pocket or air vents, features a skull and crown design to get your car in the spooky spirit. The fragrance refill is sold separately.

Sold by Bath & Body Works

Vampire Blood Car Fragrance Refill

Vampire Blood Car Fragrance Refill

Fill your vehicle with the scent of blood-red strawberry, midnight-blooming jasmine and dark Transylvanian plum with this fragrance refill, which fits perfectly inside the brand’s spooky car fragrance holders. 

Sold by Bath & Body Works

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