Erie business consultant Decision Associates helps manufacturers grow their own talent, creating additional opportunities for workers.

Often, the best place to find the right person for a job is from within the company.

Successful businesses provide opportunities for career growth and here’s what often happens.

“Somebody who was really successful on the floor, had great relationships and they said, ‘you know what, we’d like to see you take on a management role.’ So they move them into a management role without any management training,” said Amanda Kochirka, associate consultant.

That’s why Decision Associates offers companies a leadership academy. It helps new managers elevate their leadership skills, and it all begins with a few questions.

“What are the things you’re hoping these individuals will accomplish, what are the skills you hope they’ll develop? But then we spend time talking with the people who will actually be participating in the program to understand what their goals are for themselves and how they’d like to see their leadership journey unfold,” Kochirka added.

Historically when companies considered job prospects, they were searching for one with the best skills and talents. Experts say that is not the hiring formula for success going forward.

“Skill-based hiring is something that is not going to be a sustainable model. Behavioral-based hiring is super important — you can teach the skills, you can’t teach the behaviors,” said Kochirka.

Find the person with drive, determination, good work habits, and a positive attitude, and you’re on your way to making your next best hire.

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