The roots of Meadville Forging Company (MFC) date back to the 1940s. It’s a family-owned business now in its third generation.

The company has a forging division in Meadville, CNC machining in Cambridge Springs and a tool shop in Saegertown.

The company manufactures parts for the auto oil and gas industries — every Ford F-150 truck has parts made at Meadville Forging.

Business is growing and MFC needs more workers: press operators, CNC machinists and many other positions.

“We are a booming business. We’ve got a lot of work coming our way, so we need people to fill those positions, for sure — all three plants,” said Sherry Lundin, program manager at MFC.

Lundin has worked at the company for eight years.

“There’s always something exciting going on each day, and honestly, I really enjoy working with the people here. It is a family like no other. Once you start here, you’re part of the MFC family,” Lundin added.

One of the newest employees here is Carmen Davis. She’s been here just a couple of months, she had a college degree, but she’s changing careers and taking advantage of the opportunities in manufacturing.

“I love the hands-on aspect of it and being able to use my brain differently than I ever have. It’s very empowering to be able to come into a shop and be able to run these machines that very few people know how to run and to being able to produce parts that go out into the world and make other products,” said Karmen Davis, new MFC employee.

After three years on the job, press operator Brody Beuchat has found a home at MFC.

“I graduated high school in 2020 and I didn’t know if I was going to college or what I was going to do. I decided to get a job here during COVID to decide, and I fell in love with it. I’m still here and happy to be here,” said Beuchat.

Being debt free with money in the bank, what’s not to be happy about that?

Beuchat learned how to operate huge presses, from veteran operators like Ron Kightlinger who, like Brody, came right out of high school 24 years ago.

He thinks it’s a good career move.

“You don’t have student debt coming here, that’s one thing. You can start right out of high school — that’s a four-year advantage for someone getting a four-year degree. You’re making a good paycheck right out of high school. I mean, some kids aren’t made for college,” said Kightlinger.

“You do not need a college degree or trade school degree to come in here. We have hands-on training in all three shifts. We have positions at our Cambridge Springs plant, Saegertown plant, our forging shop, and we have people here to train you each step of the way,” Lundin said.

Learn more about the company on their website.