Back-to-Back Big Bowls


The Penn State Nittany Lions will play in their second straight major bowl game, as they take on Washington in the Fiesta Bowl.

Considering that, a few years ago, this team wasn’t even allowed to play in bowl games, it’s been a wild two years.

And being involved in the Rose Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl is pretty unbelievable for these guys.

“It’s really cool. Obviously growing up, you see teams year in and year out playing in big bowl games. College football teams being powerhouses every single year. You see the same teams dominating college football. Us being a team like that the past two seasons and playing very good football the last two years, scoring a lot of points and making a lot of plays, putting together great team wins and things like that. Now to play in a really prestigious bowl game is really cool,” says wide receiver Daesean Hamilton.

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