It was media day at Happy Valley as Penn State football prepares for the upcoming season. 

Penn State brings back some of their most impactful defensive linemen.  

Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz is quick to point out those guys are nothing without the players around them. 

I think what makes Chopp great is that he’s got Isaac. I think what makes Adissa great is Dani. I think what makes those guys great is Amin,  Zoriah Fisher. I think the fact that the best defenses I’ve been a part of in terms of getting after the quarterback, including us a year ago, is because we had multiple waves of guys that could be relentless and not have to pace themselves to try to last  60 minutes.

Manny Diaz / Penn State Defensive Coordinator

It’s really been an amazing process, amazing career for me. A lot of, you know, ups and downs and, you know, bumps in the road. And, you know, I’ve been able to persevere and just really, really excited to finish as the season off and, you know, attack each game with my guys and to take this camp with my guys.

Keaton Ellis / Senior Safety

Penn State football is having an open practice held at Beaver Stadium next Saturday, fans are welcome to attend.