Bills Defense focused on holding off Andrew Luck, Colts passing game


The Bills preparing to take the field Sunday with their new starting quarterback Derek Anderson. Buffalo will likely continue to feature the running game.

On the other sideline, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck throws the ball all over the field. Luck is averaging a league-high 48 pass attempts per game. Luck is on pace to set the single season pass attempts record.

“We know he throws the ball a lot,” said Bills safety Micah Hyde. “That can be a good thing, but also a bad thing. If we’re stopping it, obviously that’s a good thing, that means we’re up. Hopefully we’re able to get some turnovers off of him. But at the same time if he’s completing them and they’re rolling it could be a tough situation on Sunday.”

“He kind of gets guys to show their disguise and get you in the defense,” added Hyde. “He knows what you’re in on every single play. One of those just intelligent quarterbacks, and that’s one thing we’ll have to deal with this week is just disguising and making sure he doesn’t know what we’re doing on the back end.”

“They’ve got a good offense with an elite quarterback,” said head coach Sean McDermott. “I think Coach Reich does a good job and Coach Sirianni as well, putting them in position to make big plays and move the football. I think they’re the number one overall ranked offense on third down so it’ll be a big challenge for us defensively.”

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