LAS VEGAS (WJET)–Ahead of Sunday’s Steelers-Raiders primetime game in week three, reports have surfaced about offensive coordinator Matt Canada’s involvement with quarterback Kenny Pickett being increased with the offense needing a jumpstart.

Averaging fewer than 10 points a game from the offense won’t get it done, but the guys insist it’s something that can be fixed even if they’re on the road for the first time this season – finding that identity.

“We gotta find it, I mean clearly we don’t have one. We need to stay together like I keep saying.

It’s a team game, it’s an ultimate team game, one guy does something wrong on one play as an offense, it usually doesn’t stay your way.

So we gotta stay together, don’t let the popcorn effect happen where it’s one guy each play, which is just ya know comes with staying out and working.”

Kenny Pickett/Steelers quarterback

“Ya know I think ya know we have great concepts and we have obviously guys more than willing and capable of doing it it’s just ya know little detail things that we’ve gotta figure out and we’ll get there.

Obviously, it’s a work in progress, been a couple new guys so we’ll figure it out soon and we’re gonna see the run game explode.”

Pat Freiermuth/Steelers tight end

“Our message is that we have to just keep moving forward, a win’s a win, it wasn’t a good win, but it wasn’t a good win obviously.

I told Kenny that, I told myself that, I told ya know coach Canada that. It was an ugly win on offense.”

Najee Harris/Steelers running back

“Every year is a little different, I just don’t think we’ve found our identity yet, we’re still searching for it and obviously we hope that it happens sooner than it did last year.”

Mason Cole/Steelers offensive lineman

The Steelers take on the Raiders at 8:20 p.m. eastern in Las Vegas.