ERIE, PA (WJET)–The Erie Seawolves were looking for consistency and they got it.  

Between a dominate arm from Ty Madden on the mound backed by a 3-run homer in the bottom of the 7th from Chris Meyers. 

The Erie defeats Richmond 7-3 and are crowned your Southwest Division champions. 

“I think just a steady mix of everything, Alfonzo did a good job bac there sticking to the game plan and just being quick on his toes. Our defense was nails today. I think they made a single error, and the boys were really good and it helps on the mound for sure.” 

Ty Madden, Pitcher | Erie SeaWolves

“We stressed you know calm heartbeat and just staying in the moment and the guys did that on the mound, on defense and you know at the plate, so it was an incredible job that they did for these two games…Huge moment huge moment. When I think of like my two years here, that’s as big of hit as I think we’ve seen here to come up clutch like that you know…certainly big, we needed it, and you know had the right guy at the plate and he came through for us.”  

Gabe Alvarez, Erie SeaWolves Manager

“Like I said I’m trying to do damage at the plate. You know getting a pitch that I’m not chasing so much and getting a pitch that he can do damage with was all that I was thinking, and I was able to execute so…it was definitely a lot of feelings. I kind of blacked out for a moment and it kind of overcame me a little bit so I don’t really know exactly what happened, but it was a good feeling for sure.”  

Chris Meyers, infielder | Erie SeaWolves

The Erie SeaWolves now advance to the Eastern League Championship Series for the second straight year.