ERIE, PA (WJET)– The Fort LeBoeuf Bison host the General McLane Lancers on Monday night.

The Bison shut out the Lancers 2-0.

Jenna Popowski scored both goals for Fort LeBoeuf.

“My team, they have given me the confidence to really push myself to be the best that I can be and when they played the ball through, I was just like I need to do this for my team, and I needed to score this goal so we could win this game.” 

Jenna Popowski, Sophomore striker | Fort LeBoeuf

“Yeah, she’s an amazing player I mean she makes incredible runs but we also have our other outside forwards that make really really good runs to open up the space in the middle and then we have our outside wings, and they are just amazing too. It wouldn’t be possible without our defense and our goalie working the ball up and saving our butts whenever we lose it.” 

Emily Samluk, Senior Midfielder | Fort LeBoeuf

“I think our midfield and our forwards really held them up there and when they did get past us, we did a good job covering and helping eachother and really just keeping it out of our end.” 

Taylor McChesney, Centerback | Fort LeBoeuf

“Every goal that we score is pretty much a team effort. It’s many passes. It’s many times of winning the ball and getting it into the right places but Jenna had a phenomenal game. She’s been playing great all year and tonight she was just incredible in front of the goal and put two real good ones away.”  

Bryan Kowalczyk, Fort LeBoeuf head coach