Graham: McCown gives Jets the edge Vs. Bills

Inside The Buffalo Huddle

The Bills situation at quarterback doesn’t instill a lot of confidence that they can end their current four game losing streak as they head into the bye week.

This week on Buffalo Kickoff LIVE, The Athletic‘s Tim Graham took a look at Josh McCown, who will start in place of the injured Sam Darnold, who could have been a member of the Bills.

The Athletic, By Tim Graham

Most Bills fans probably thought it this week when they learned Sam Darnold was injured and wouldn’t be able to start today for the New York Jets.

“Josh McCown is still in the league?”

Yeah, he’s still around. And don’t laugh, but the Buffalo Bills would be better off if McCown was around HERE.

McCown is one of the NFL’s LEAST sexy veteran quarterbacks. He’s 39 years old. He’s never been in a postseason game. His teams are 23-50 when he starts.

But imagine how much better the Bills’ quarterback situation would look like had they signed McCown, as they TRIED TO DO this past offseason. The Bills were interested in him back in 2015, too.

Instead the Bills ended up with AJ McCarron in free agency and then traded him away.

What’s so special about McCown? He’s a veteran who knows the position like a coach and knows his place. Like Ryan Fitzpatrick, McCown gladly mentors when needed and can play when called upon.

That’s why the Jets wanted McCown back this year, to help prepare Darnold to be their
franchise quarterback.

McCown is EXACTLY the type of influence Josh Allen and Nathan Peterman could have used this year every day in practice, every Sunday on the sideline. And McCown can play a little.

There was talk in the Bills locker room this week that McCown will make the Jets HARDER to beat today. He had the NFL’s lowest interception rate in 2013 and second-lowest in 2015.

On a bad Jets team last year, he went 5-8 as a starter and completed a career-high 67 percent of his passes with 18 touchdowns and nine interceptions. His 94.5 passer rating would tank third compared to Bills quarterbacks over the past 27 years.

So it’s something to think about when you watch the game today. The Bills wanted Josh McCown to help groom their future franchise quarterback. Maybe he would be holding down the position so it didn’t become a disaster.

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