Josh Allen is the Bills’ “spark”

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Josh Allen still has a lot to learn about playing quarterback. 

When it comes to igniting a football team, he seems to already have that down. 

Sean McDermott said, from a leadership point of view, the rookie’s impact on the Bills has been significant. 

“Just a spark. I know the offense sees it. The defense sees it. The special teams sees it,” McDermott said. “The leadership and energy that Josh Allen brings is huge. He’s a guy you want to be around. He makes plays. He’s a guy you want to play for.”

After watching game film, McDermott thought Allen did a good job going through his progressions and making decisions, especially considering he hasn’t played since October 14th. 

“I thought he was on time with most of those decisions,” McDermott said. “When it was time to pull it down (and run). he pulled it down. When it was time to get rid of it, he got rid of it. Overall some good moments for Josh, but still some room for improvement.”

McDermott did express some concern for the amount of hits Allen is taking as a runner. The Bills head coach pointed to his experience with running QBs: Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia and Cam Newton in Carolina. 

“There’s got to be an understanding that those build up over time,” McDermott said. “That’s an ongoing conversation every week. There’s a fine line in there that we’ve got to continue to find.” 

McDermott complimented Brian Daboll’s game plan and the play of young wideouts Isaiah McKenzie and Robert Foster. He said both are making the most of opportunities to play. 

“I know we’re developing a young roster right now. Developing a strong culture and foundation. You’re seeing, yesterday, some of the fruits of that labor and guys buying into that,” McDermott said. 

As for the third quarter fight, McDermott again said it was something that should not be a part of the game. He does understand how it happens and is generally satisfied with the way his players handled themselves. That includes Shaq Lawson, despite his ejection. 

“It’s unfortunate. Sometimes things happen when guys are going against each other,” McDermott said. “I never want to see one of our guys or one of their guys thrown out. At the end of the day, I thought Shaq was defending himself. We have to show discipline and we have to defend each other.”

McDermott said Leonard Fournette leaving the far sideline to join the melee was his biggest bone of contention with officials after the incident. However, there has not been any discussion with the league about it. 

“It’s over and done with,” McDermott said. “We’re moving on.”

Injury wise, guard John Miller’s oblique injury is still being evaluated. Derek Anderson and Lafayette Pitts are still in concussion protocol. Charles Clay is “making progress.”

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