Aaron Williams leaves practice after collision

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Aaron Williams and Dez Lewis collided during a team passing drill in what was maybe the loudest sounding contact of camp. 

Both players remained on the ground for a few minutes. Williams was motionless on his chest for approximately 60 seconds.

“You hear it and you’re kinda in the scrum and you hear the crowd and look over and you see it’s (Williams), immediately your thoughts go to his neck,” Kyle Williams said. “You get concerned for him and you say a prayer for him and hope that’s not what’s going on.”

“Lot of guys doing individual prayers just hoping he would get up,” Preston Brown said. “We didn’t know what he was doing at first. He was just laying there. That’s something you never want to see any player doing. Seeing him lay still was scary.” 

The collision happened on a standard short crossing pattern by two receivers to the right of the offensive formation. 

Lewis was likely the outside receiver running a pattern inside. Williams at safety probably covering the inside receiver running out. 

Lewis was escorted from practice first, followed by Williams. Neither returned. 

The Bills say Williams is being evaluated for a concussion related injury. There were no details on Lewis. 

Williams is, by far, the scarier situation of the two. After neck surgery last year, that part of the body was everyone’s immediate concern.

“I was hoping and praying it was not his neck again,” Corey Graham said. “Especially all the hard work he put in to get where he is now and to be playing as good as he is now, finally feeling like he’s back to normal. It’s a tough blow.

“Anytime he collides, I’m thinking about it,” Robert Woods said. “You see a guy go down like that who had the history of neck injury and that’s the first thing that comes to your mind.”

Williams walked out of practice without assistance, but looked weary and dazed. 

Preston Brown said after practice Rex Ryan told the team Williams’ injury was not neck related. 

If true, a scary situation may remain only a scare. 

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