Erie reacts to Erie SeaWolves being one of 42 teams that could possibly lose affiliation with the MLB

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Major League Baseball is exploring the possibility of working with fewer Minor League Teams, a decision that could affect Erie.

This proposal is still in the preliminary stages, however, the news that the partnership between the SeaWolves and the MLB could be in jeopardy has shocked many.

A recent proposal made by the MLB is putting a question mark on the future for the Erie SeaWolves.

“I was shocked. They’ve been such a staple in our community for so long, for the MLB to even consider moving them out of our town is just, I’m flabbergasted,” said Russell McGranor, SeaWolves fan.

“We’re shocked, particularly in lieu of the fact that we’re doing a multi-million dollar reinvestment to our property, to find out that the SeaWolves have serious concerns about their viability and continued operations,” said Casey Wells, Executive Director, Erie Events.

If this proposal does happen, it wold go into effect for the 2021 season, however, the SeaWolves administration is explaining that this is still in the beginning stages and nothing is decided yet.

“It’s the top of the first inning as far as negotiations go and we have a long way to go to get to the bottom of the 9th. There is a very good chance when this is all said and done, all 160 teams that currently have an affiliated Minor League Team will have an affiliated Minor League Team,” said Greg Coleman, Team President, Erie SeaWolves.

The teams Assistant General Manager touched on significant impact the SeaWolves have within the community.

“It’s affordable family entertainment. It’s a great way to introduce young fans to the game. Even from an employment side of things, the Erie SeaWolves is a place where many got their baseball careers started or even just careers in general, this is their first job,” said Greg Gania, Assistant General Manager, Erie SeaWolves.

The SeaWolves further explained that it is unknown at this time as to when a final decision will be made.

If this proposal goes through, that doesn’t mean the SeaWolves would have to leave the city. Instead, they could be presented to join the Dream League.

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