ERIE COUNTY, PA (WJET)–For most sports, having a sharp eye and quick reflexes can help you stand out against your opponents.  

The same goes for this niche sport. 

But in their case, if you blink, you’ll miss your shot.  

Trap shooting is when athletes shoot clay pigeons released by a spring trap.  

The Fort Leboeuf Trap Team got started almost seven years ago and has already become a highly competitive group.  

It consists of six through twelfth grade students.  

Who complete in squads of five.  

Evelyn Kubiak says trap shooting stole her heart and she can’t get enough of it.  

“I’ve been doing it for three years. I got into it because my family is a big hunting family and I thought it would be good to help with all of that stuff. It’s just grown to become a sport that I love…This past year I’ve won High Overall Female for the league for spring, and I won third place at the state level and third place at the national level with the team.”  

Evelyn Kubiak, Freshman | Fort LeBoeuf Trap Team 

The Fort Leboeuf Trap Team has had quite the year.  

They took first in their conference this spring, claimed back-to-back state titles and squad one event placed third at USA High School Clay Target Nationals

“Everyone here like the team everyone is awesome. We are like just a big family, and we all encourage each other and it’s just really awesome to be a part of it. Just getting the excitement when you shoot good, and everyone is congratulating you, it’s a great feeling to have and I love it.”  

Hunter Markham, Senior | Fort LeBoeuf Trap Team 

The sport takes patience, focus, and discipline.  

Head coach Steve Shallenberger says at one-point, clay target shooting was pretty much non-existent but now he says it’s become one of the fastest growing high school sports.   

“We have very dedicated kids. Kids that not only shoot for this team but multiple teams… It’s a big family atmosphere here at the club. The old guys really embrace these young kids, they love them. They help teach and coach and it really draws you in when you are a part of it.”

Steve Shallenberger, Head Coach | Fort LeBoeuf Trap Team 

JET24 Action Sports reporter Ashley Kaiser asked Mathew Huffman, what goes through his mind when he steps up to compete?

“Actually, for me there is almost nothing going through my head because when I start thinking I end up missing because I do better when I just let my body do the work because it becomes muscle memory.” 

Mathew Huffman, Sophomore | Fort LeBoeuf Trap Team

The team is preparing for their fall season and says they are always looking for new members.

No experience is required to get started.

If you are interested, message the team email address at or connect with them on Facebook.