Before transferring and making his way to Erie’s Gannon University, redshirt junior quarterback and Cape Coral, Florida native Kory Curtis found a home in Columbus, Ohio.

He joined a Buckeyes team with the likes of JT Barrett, Joe Burrow and Dwayne Haskins.

For Curtis, Haskins served as an immediate mentor.

“They’re like oh, if you come here like this is gonna be like your big brother, he’s gonna walk you throught he ropes, this, that and the other,” said Gannon redshirt junior quarterback Kory Curtis. “As a senior in high school I didn’t really know what that meant…until like I got there.”

Curtis describes Haskins, a star on the field, as a supportive teammate, a confidant and someone who could light up the room with his infectious personality, off of it.

“We’d just eat and hang out with the guys and talk,” said Curtis.

“He loved Popeyes so we’d always sneak out and go to get Popeyes and then we’d have to go in the hot tub at 5:30 in the morning and try to make weight.”

On the morning of Saturday, April 9th, Haskins was tragically killed in an accident on a South Florida highway when the former Ohio State star and NFL quarterback was hit by a dump truck on interstate 595.

Curtis got the word about his former teammate during a Spring practice session.

“Like we all got together and like I don’t really remember, but like I know that we like prayed together and stuff like that,” said Curtis. “It really hit me when I was at his funeral, that was tough. Like seeing his wife and hearing all the stories and stuff like that, not just like my experience with him but like how he touched everyone else’s life. He knows he’s loved. He knows he’s missed.”

One of the pillars of the relationship between Curtis and Haskins was certainly their faith. Giving back to the community was also a big staple of their friendship.

“He would get us going to this charity in Columbus and we would give food back to the homeless and stuff like that, like he would take the shirt off his back,” Curtis said.

“Literally three weeks ago he drove two hours just to come and be with me and talk with me, because I was going through some things. I don’t want everybody just to remember him as like somebody that broke all the records and was a great quarterback. I want them to remember him as like the person. He was, genuinely the world did not deserve him.”

Curtis plans to change his number to seven for the upcoming Fall season to honor Haskins.