How Preston Brown sneaks candy on field

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90 degrees and long sleeves?

Preston Brown wasn’t the only Bills player making that curious apparel choice Thursday, but he was respecting a higher priority. 

“I wear my hoodie because I keep candy and gum in there,” Brown said. “They kind of made me take it off (because of the heat) but I found another shirt with some pockets in it.”

A reporter asked “Is that the only reason you wear a hoodie?”

“Yeah, that’s the only reason,” Brown said. “Everybody’s thinks I just be trying to swag. I just wear it because I hide candy in it.”

The candy is supplied by the rookies. Brown says Reggie Ragland particularly does nice work with candy purchasing. 

“Reggie’s got some good candy,” Brown said. “He went to Target and got all the big fun-size, big Halloween style stuff. So he’s got candy for days.”

It’s a rite of passage for first year players. 

“He has to do it. He has to go get the candy. Everybody goes through the candy year,” Brown said. “They’ve been doing it for as long as I know. I had to get it for Spikes and Keith Rivers and all those guys. I think I was the best candy-getter but (Reggie) is second place right now.”

The pouch with the candy is under a jersey worn by a player toting a couple dozen pounds of pads. 

So, chocolate just wouldn’t work. Brown’s candy of choice?

“They’re like little gummy bears. They come in little wrappers so they’re nice, sealed,” Brown said. “Just in case no one’s looking, just pop one open (and eat it). You might catch me one day.”

And now, you know. 

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