McDowell senior football standout Cooper Cousins has been selected to play in the 2024 NBC Sports All-American football all-star game.

The Penn State recruit has been selected as one of 100 players across the nation to participate in the all-star game.

The game is set for January 6th, 2024 at 1 pm in San Antonio, Texas.

“I was obviously shocked,” Cousins said.

“Ya know, super excited, me and my family, you know.

I’m blessed I get this opportunity to go out to San Antonio and I’m super happy.

Just super supportive, ya know I’ve got the best teammates, I’ve got the best family in that locker room in the country, in the state, ya know I have the best coaching staff in the state and I’m super just happy to be apart of this.

Without them that hard work that I was putting in on the field and in the weight room wouldn’t have been possible, ya know it just took awhile.

I had to figure some things out along the road, a few bumps in the road, but ya know I’m just happy that I made it here and I’m glad.”

McDowell head football coach Brad Orlando added, “He’s very deserving, I mean this is the elite of the elite, very prestigeous game, I mean guys that are going to the Texas, the USC, Alabama, Penn State, Ohio State, so it’s the best of the best and that’s where Cooper belongs, but still it’s just a credit to his work ethic and the way he plays the game.”