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Rex Ryan stared the Bills post-draft press conference exactly as you’d expect. 

First, a joke and then a boast. 

“Bummed out with the first three picks obviously. No, it’s so funny,” he said. “It fit in so perfect for really what our perceived needs and the best players and we were, I mean, super excited obviously. Really, all the picks have roles that you can envision guys coming in and contributing. I’m having a tough time believing somebody had a better draft.”

You can be sure Ryan is perfectly happy Buffalo drafted three studs for the D’s front seven to start. The Bills then followed with big name, big bodied QB Cardale Jones and two more skill players before finishing with a corner. 

Last offseason, Buffalo had the cap space to rebuild the roster through free agency. This year, they lost more players than they gained and had to rely on the draft. 

“We knew this was going to be a draft heavy in some of the spots that we might be losing the guys,” Whaley said. “So it correlated pretty well. Is that always going to happen? No, but it happened this year.”

The Bills seven man draft class includes two players from Ohio State and one each from Alabama, Clemson, TCU and USC. Those five programs are among the top winners in college football. 

It’s not a coincidence. 

“We have a lot of winners in our locker room, there’s no question. And when you bring these guys in, it only adds to that,” Ryan said. “We want to win desperately and these guys are coming in and knowing what it takes, albeit in the college level.”

“We start getting guys from winning programs, that get infectious in the locker room and that brings a sense of, ‘Hey, this is what we need to do to win because I’ve been there before, we’ve done it before’,” Whaley said. “So they’re going to bring that type of stuff into our locker room, which I think is a good interjection of something we don’t have.”

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