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It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks for the Penn State football team. The Nittany Lions have had a lot happening- finals, practices and that early signing day. But now that the lions are in Arizona, they just have to worry about one thing: football.

Brendan Mahon had a lot going on in december…including a major life event that he was pretty focused on.

Brenda said, “Honestly the graduation and having that degree from penn state is so great and so excited what I can do with it moving forward and the weight lifted off my shoulders is like taking 5000 lbs off my back. I am so happy for it to be over, time to focus on football.”

Since arriving in Arizona on Saturday, the team has been able to get back to the football grind.

Saquon Barkley shared, “We get on a normal schedule, our two a day practices are pretty fun and we get to go compete a little bit and bang heads a little bit.”

And these guys know they need to be focused, especially with the task at hand- Washington.

Tight End Mike Gesicki said, “It’s obviously going to be a challenge for us up front. They’re definitely going to try to focus in and stop the run. On the back end, they’re long and athletic. They’re not ranked the 11th team in the whole country for no reason so they’re going to have a lot of talented players and that’s something we’re excited about.”

Practice continues for the team later this afternoon. And our coverage is just getting started and will continue throughout the week. 

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