One thing Bills have on TB12: Experience


No one in the NFL has played more games against Tom Brady than Kyle Williams. 

Monday will be Williams’ 20th game against Brady. He says all that experience doesn’t provide an advantage, but it does provide an education.

“I know more than anybody else how hard it is to get ready to compete against those guys, to beat those guys,” Williams said. “I know how good your preparation has to be. How smart you have to play. How you can’t beat yourself. I have a better insight to it that way.”

Jerry Hughes doesn’t have Williams’ history against Brady, but his ten career games rank in the top ten for experience against TB12. 

“Their gameplan constantly changes. You’re not really sure what you’re going to get the second half because you know it’s going to be different than what you saw the first half,” Hughes said. “You gotta stay on your toes and you really gotta play every play hard.”

“You stop them one way, they come at you another way. Then, you stop that way, they come at you a whole other way again,” Tre White said. “They got so many ways to beat you. We just have to try to limit what they do well and make plays. Win our 1 on 1 matchups when they come.”

Ask most football fans what play they most remember about Brady, and almost every one would reference some unbelievable or clutch throw.

Hughes says he remembers the quarterback sneaks. 

“You wouldn’t expect a guy like that to get down in the trenches and get dirty. And he’s an expert at it,” Hughes said. “Whenever they have a 4th and 1, he always gets it.”

Brady and the Patriots are only one part of the motivation this week. For all of the first and second year players, this will be their first chance to play on Monday Night Football. 

“You gotta go out there and not overhype yourself,” Micah Hyde said. “Don’t make it bigger than what it is. It’s just another football game and go out there and prepare accordingly.”

And yet, the veteran Bills admit any game against Brady and the Patriots is more than just the average game. 

“It’s exciting,” Hughes said. “You always want to go out there and play against the best. This is why we train. This is why we do everything that we do.”

“I think you’re in the wrong business if you’re not willing to step up and compete against the best,” Williams said. “That’s the reason you do this. That’s what competitors do. They answer the bell. It’s always exciting when you’re playing the best of the best.”

No one has gotten more shots at the best than Williams. 

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