Dak Prescott had a field day in Week 2, completing 81.7% of passes en route to a 30–10 blowout win over the Jets.

In the victory, Prescott repeatedly found success against the Jets secondary by heavily targeting CeeDee Lamb, who finished with 11 receptions for 143 yards. 

On Tuesday, the NFL shared a video clip from Inside the NFL cameras which caught a post-game exchange between Prescott and Jets star cornerback Sauce Gardner. At first, Sauce asked Prescott why he didn't challenge him more during the course of the game.

“Why didn’t you throw the corner at me today?,” asked Gardner. 

“I didn’t need to,” responded Prescott. “Damn! I mean if I need to, I will. I didn’t have to. Why challenge the best player on the team?"

Sauce, who was clearly frustrated by his unit’s performance, also lamented about his missed opportunity in the first half when he was thinking about scoring and staying inbounds more than catching the ball.

“Hear me out though. There was about to be a play. I was thinking about the touchdown before I caught the ball,” added Gardner.

Prescott enjoyed a massive mic-drop moment caught on camera when he simply thanked Sauce for dropping the easy interception.

“Appreciate that,” the Cowboys quarterback joked.

Gardner, who is arguably the best cornerback in the NFL, will likely see more quarterbacks avoid throwing his way until the Jets coaches opt to have him shadow the opponent’s best wideout.