ERIE, PA (WJET)– Our Off-Road Express Team of the Week goes to the Cathedral Prep football team. 

The Ramblers took down Erie High on Friday 38-8 at home.  

The win advances Prep’s record to 5-3.  

Head coach Mike Krahe says his team has come a long way and credits his seniors for their impeccable leadership.  

“I really think that the kids have just they’ve become a team and that was something that I don’t necessarily know if we came out of camp the way we wanted to with that, but the kids have really bought in. They kids are doing a great job and they’re really leading. We’ve got twenty-one seniors that got honored at halftime and that’s the group that’s leading us down this stretch here.”  

Mike Krahe, Prep head football coach 

“Yeah, I think we’re really starting to come together. It’s awesome to see like I love watching the team come together in the locker room. I feel like we have a little bit of a burden on our backs now that we’re more than halfway through the season and we’re more energetic in practices, more energetic in the weight room especially and it’s just, it feels like things are really starting to click.” 

Luke Costello, Prep quarterback