(WJET)–Our Off-Road Express Team of the Week goes to the Warren girls soccer team. 

They fought through the cold and the snow on Wednesday. 

The Dragons were crowed D-10 class 3A champions after taking down Meadville in a final score of 9-1. 

Head coach Mark Ordiway says he wasn’t even sure if they’d be able to play the title game because the field was covered in snow. 

He says that he’s proud of his girls for pushing through and coming out on top.  

“It’s a nice way to end the season. We look forward to this all year like this is the one game, especially playing Meadville so it means a lot to the girls. We didn’t get this game last year so it’s huge…Meea was huge again, I don’t know she had a few goals I think and a couple of assists. Leyna has been huge all year. Once we moved her back into the midfield it kind of changed our whole team dynamic, so she’s been big for us all year. Of course, Elize in the middle was great too.”

Mark Ordiway | Warren girls soccer head coach 

“I don’t know I’m excited. It was definitely like coming to any championship game. It’s like nerve racking, you never know what could happen. Like it’s always a different environment then a regular season game so I’m just relieved but I’m ready to keep going to practice for the next games.” 

Elize Brook | Warren senior midfielder 

“I feel amazing…We’ve prepared for so long. We’ve focused on practice. We communicated at practice. We were prepared.” 

Meea Irwin | Five goals scored in championship game