Teller loves being the “young bull”


Wyatt Teller’s NFL debut consisted of just 17 snaps Sunday against the Bears.

It was more than enough for him to call it a “dream come true”.

Teller has been going against NFL caliber talent all year: at the Senior Bowl, the Combine, in practice with the Bills and in preseason.

Sunday was something different.

“These are 10, 12 year vets you’re going against. These are grown men,” Teller said. “It’s surreal. It’s almost like, ‘Oh my gosh, I watched these guys I’m going against growing up’. It’s amazing being the young guy out there, the young bull, trying to compete.”

Teller wasn’t upset sitting and waiting for his shot to play. He believes in embracing your role, even if that role is on the bench. Plus, there were plenty of opportunities to learn. 

“Having old guys on the team, it’s nice. They walk you through things. They show how to do stuff,” Teller said. “You learn from both sides. You learn from the good and you learn from the bad. Going in there, I feel more prepared than ever.”

One of the guys Teller looks to for advice is the tackle who often lines up next him. Dion Dawkins admits it’s different being the “older guy” when he’s still only a second year player himself, but he’s eager to offer advice. 

“Just stack days. Just stay calm. Just keep everything calm,” Dawkins says. “Attack everything little by little. Don’t try to take it all in at once. If you do, it weighs too much. You can’t hold it.”

Dawkins also says that while game speed is one of the big adjustments for a rookie, so is learning that every game and every opponent will be different. 

“Whether the team is undefeated or whether the team has a losing record, guys can play at certain levels or certain energies,” Dawkins said. 

Teller was seen working with the first team offensive line on Wednesday. It could indicate he’ll be the starter on Sunday, but he would not confirm that.

If Teller does get a start, he’s going to approach it the same as he’s approached any week all year and build on the confidence he already has. 

His goals are simple and, at the same time, grandiose. 

“The one thing I want to do is keep on building. Keep on getting better,” Teller said. “Truthfully, I want to get to the best player I can be so we can get a champion here in Buffalo.”

He’s excited to be part of a growing team in Buffalo. A team full of young bulls.

“Being a young guy, it’s hard not look at the future,” Teller said. “I only see our way up.”

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