(WHTM) – The Pennsylvania state budget is now approaching a month late and there’s no end in sight to the stalemate.

There’s a lot of talk at the capital, some say lawmakers won’t be back until late September and the budget won’t be done until early October.

That would be a problem for some schools and social services that need the money.

The Senate’s top Republican told abc27 last week that she expects to bring her chamber back in August to sign the mostly agreed budget.

On Friday, abc27 spoke with Lehigh Valley House Democrat Mike Schlossberg and asked if the Senate does come back in August to pass budget-related code bills would the House come back to finish the job?

Even though they’re currently tied 101-101 with Republicans?

Schlossberg said, “Ultimately, it depends on what’s in the bill and if there’s a negotiated product. I do know the House and Senate that conversations have begun to try and craft a fiscal bill that’ll pass muster that passed the Senate passed the House and got to the governor’s desk and I think if there’s a product that achieves a bipartisan level of support we’ll come back as fast as humanly possible to get this done.”

Senate Republicans just released a statement saying negotiations with Governor Shapiro are moving forward, they understand the urgency and expect to complete the budget in August. The statement did add the quickest way forward is for Governor Shapiro to sign the budget as passed.

You can see the full interview with Representative Mike Schlossberg and abc27 analysts on This Week in Pennsylvania this Sunday, July 30, at 10 a.m.