(WHTM)– The 14th Amendment precludes anyone from running for president if they are “engaged in insurrection or rebellion.” Some say that could stop Donald Trump from seeking the highest office in the land.

Others say not so fast.

That clause was put in after the Civil War to keep Confederates from seeking elected office. My guest on This Week In Pennsylvania is Dickinson College President John Jones a former federal judge.

“I agree with it legally but the problem with it from a practical standpoint is that it would eventually that would get to the Supreme Court if you try to knock him out of the box based on that particular provision of the 14th amendment,” Jones said. “I don’t think the Supreme Court would touch it and certainly if it gets there they’re not gonna do it. They’re gonna let that happen at the ballot box. it’s too much of a reach.”

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Jones said from his perspective the strongest of the four indictments involves government documents at Mar-A-Lago and former president Trump’s alleged obstruction. He says prosecutors there have a very strong case.