HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The state budget is due at the end of June, and all sides are signaling it will likely be a little late, but not by much.

House Democrats passed a spending plan that includes $1 billion more than Governor Shapiro requested, which Republicans say is way too high.

The final price tag is proving to be one of the biggest obstacles, even though the state has a record surplus and $5 billion in the rainy day fund.

“We cannot look at this budget in a 12-month silo. We have to look at the multi-year reverberations of what we make decisions on in this budget because invariably, every year, we increase spending. The expectation is we’ll continue to increase that spending in the years ahead,” said Majority Leader Sen. Joe Pittman (R).

“Budgets are moral documents. Pennsylvanians want to know what we, as their elected officials, feel are important to them. What we’re saying is these are the things that are important that you it’s not that you can’t afford to fund them. You can’t afford not to fund it,” said Appropriations Chairman Rep. Jordan Harris (D).

How much education funding the budget will contain is another sticking point that is yet to be determined.