Girard Dinor is once again open for business


After being closed for months, the Girard Dinor is open


After being closed for nearly 9 months the Girard Dinor is open for business.

Dick and Peggy Crosby sold the dinor last year, but had the chance to buy it back, and they did. The dinor has been part of Girard’s Main Street since 1913. Dick Crosby says the old train car was delivered on a flatbed truck and an addition was added on in the 1940’s.

The “o” in dinor is something Crosby can’t explain. He thinks it’s a regional thing to spell dinor with an “o” instead of an “e” Peggy Crosby makes homemade pies and creampuffs just about every day, and they want the public to know the famous chicken dinners are back.

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