Local Reaction to Channellock expansion


Channellock is continuing their efforts toward American Manufacturing by expanding their distribution plant and soon rolling out a new product. The 133-year-old pliers manufacture has been going strong since 1886 and now employing 370 workers.

” The last three years have had phenomenal growth for us. We’re busting at the gills today. We have a lot of projects we’re working on to we can meet the consumer demand.” says Ryan Dearment VP of sales & marketing at Channellock.

One of those projects include a major expansion for the distribution facility. With building material on site. Dearment says they are waiting on permits. Expected to be approved within the month.

The property will grow by 35-thousand square feet bringing the total presence in Meadville to more than 260-thousand square feet. The back portion of the facility will see grow as they extend the building to more space for the stocked items. Dearment says the expansion will help to ensure more product is made, shipped, and stocked. This is something welcomed by the Meadville community.

“I think it is a great idea to keep the product here in town. ” says Megan Porter “I think that’s great. I think they need to stay and employ people here in town and give them an opportunity to work. ” Dee Griffin a Meadville resident.

The company will also be releasing a new push button tongue and groove pliers. There is nothing unique, however, Channellock will be the first company to make it right here, full “Made in America.”

“Being the first U.S. version of a push tongue and groove pliers is going to be great for us. We see an increasing demand for U.S. made products, especially in tools. Our core customers are pros and they relay on us ” says Dearment.

The speed grip is already packaged and ready to go. You can expect to see them in a store near you sometime later this summer.

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