(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — Severe winter weather is no stranger to Erieites, but this year is showing some surprising trends.

JET 24/FOX 66’s Meteorologist Tom DiVecchio explains that the average snowfall for a normal season in the Erie region would be 76 inches. However, we are barely above 40 inches so far this winter.

This is mostly due, in part, to the relatively mild winter Erie has had so far. But the trends continue elsewhere.

Tracking the trends in nearby regions, some are underperforming by more than 50%. Cleveland, Ohio’s usual average snowfall is 40 inches; it has only seen 17.5 inches so far this winter. For Youngstown, Ohio, the seasonal average is about 46 inches, but this year’s snowfall has only brought in 18 inches.

On the other hand, some places have been seeing snowfall milestones this season. In Buffalo, New York, the average snowfall lands around 70 inches, but this year, they’ve had a total of over 115 inches.

In terms of most snowfall for the year, Erie now ranks #9 compared to major metropolitan areas across the nation. Erie was ranked as #10 last January.