Correction: The date of the early dismissal has been updated to the correct date, Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Erie, Pa. (WJET/WFXP/ — The Millcreek Township high school will be dismissing students early Wednesday due to the heat.

The Millcreek Township School District (MTSD) posted an announcement on its website that McDowell High School students in grades 9-12 will be dismissed early on Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 12:45 p.m. due to the heat.

Erie is forecast to reach a high of 88 degrees Wednesday.

McDowell High School is MTSD’s only building without central air conditioning. The school district noted it plans to install AC part of the renovations beginning in summer of 2024.

Erie’s school closure is just one of several others in multiple states. The Hill reports Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey and Missouri have all had K-12 classes disrupted this week over the heat.