Snowy and dangerous winter like weather is creating a headache for drivers.

Brian Wilk spoke with drivers as they brave the elements out on the roadways. He was live in Summit Township.

There have been a number of wrecks today and tonight. One on Interstate 90 this afternoon closed down a big section of that highway. A winter weather headache for drivers.

According to state police, a semi jackknifed on I-90, forcing them to shut down a section             of the roadway for about an hour while they cleared it up. Thankfully no injuries were reported.

Other wrecks were also reported around town. Folks out on the roads say you need to drive smart. “You know what I have learned to drive in it, you slow down, you take your time. Stay away from the guy behind you, leave early. It’s what you do,” said Cheryl Shaffer, Erie resident.

But she has seen some pretty grizzly wrecks over the years.

“I’ve have been a volunteer with McKean, we have seen some good wrecks. Slow down and take your time,” said Shaffer.

Alex Cooper drove from Guys Mills to Erie Friday night. He didn’t expect this severe of weather.

“Didn’t expect it at all. Didn’t hear anything come across my phone, just out of nowhere,” said Alex Cooper, Guys Mills resident. “I love it, I’m a snowmobile rider, I cant wait.”

And to sum up all the safety tips that we have gotten from AAA and PennDOT, if the roads are bad like this then don’t drive on them unless you absolutely have too.